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What Clients Say

  • Karen was my tutor when I was studying for the CIM Diploma, by far the best tutor I have worked with. Her 'no-nonsense style of coaching and her high expectations were a key factor in gaining my accreditation and I hope to get the opportunity to learn more from her in the future.

    Andrea Foley

  • Karen is a dedicated coach, drawing on her vast knowledge of industry to help others develop and achieve their personal and professional potential. She is tenacious in meeting objectives and has developed a good knowledge of modern communications methodology, with her own web and twitter sites.

    Kap Varma

  • I Worked with Karen on a major collaboration with very challenging clients and deadline. I found her to be extremely: focused, efficient and careful to ensure that deadlines were met and quality of work was exemplary. Her strategic vision is clear, concise and accurate and her knowledge of Marketing comprehensive. All in all, a consummate professional. I'd collaborate again with her anytime!

  • Karen brings much enthusiasm and energy to any project, as well as considering wider potential while focussing on the task at hand.

    Babara Saul

  • Karen's in depth knowledge of marketing and web 2.0 has allowed me to explore ways of marketing our Employment Law services, and delivering those services to clients in ways I would not otherwise have imagined. I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with Karen now that we are identifying particular services within our overall strategy and I can't wait to launch the next generation of advice and support programmes.

    Annabel Kaye

  • We have recently met Karen to discuss the various social media most appropriate for the legal profession, not only was Karen instantly able to provide sound and constructive advice but she also showed our firm how the use of such technology could radically improve lawyers’ marketing strategies to reach the new generation of entrepreneurs and potential clients who are already fully au fait with the social media of today. It is refreshing to work with such an enthusiastic person.

    Gill Vargerson

  • Following fairly minimal research on our behalf Karen has shown remarkable insight into our business. Importantly Karen has a true understanding of business. Her financial background has given her a tremendous advantage over her competitors – something that she should perhaps market more! A rare breed, one that can think outside of the box and one that can understand business and finance.

    Isobel Brett

  • Karen gave my partners and I a two hour seminar on LinkedIn - how it works and how to get the most out of it. We found it helped us focus on what we wanted to achieve and gave us useful pointers on how we could progress. We are very grateful to Karen for the time she spent with us.

    Andrew Hazael

  • Karen was kind enough to send me her report on Twitter and then followed up with me to see how I was doing. To say the least, I was very impressed that she took the time to follow-up with me. She did it as someone truely concerned and interested in my growth and understanding of her report. We recently connected on an hour long telephone conversation about her approach to business and positioning her company. She is very energetic, knowledgeable and brings a fresh approach. I look forward to developing a friendship and business relationship with her. If you haven't already done so, I would suggest taking a look at her website, Thank you Karen for your keen insights and inspiration.

    Rod Mills, Marketer

  • I had the opportunity to read Karen's excellent report on Twitter which clearly explained how to make the most out of the service. She manages to convey the information in an interesting and engaging manner and clearly puts a lot of work into her reports

    Paul Duxbury

  • Karen's report on 'How to use Twitter for business' is a goldmine of information saving the new Twitter user hours of wasted time and energy. Not only that, it is also useful for more experienced Twitterers who will,I guarantee, get a new idea or a new way of using Twitter more effectively from it.

    Gary Gorman

  • Karen has written an excellent, clear and concise guide to making the most of using Twitter . I strongly recommend use of the guide to provide helpful insights enabling you to optimise the benefits of Twitter for your purposes.

    Peter Cobbe

  • Karen's Twitter Report is a fantastic resource filled with so many tools and tips, I will come back to refer to this again and again. My first action will be to go and check out Outwit - I haven't come across this one before so thank you very much Karen!

    Nicola Bird

  • Karens coaching has changed my approach to telesales in one session. I now have several more clients than before the session, thank you Karen.

    Dennis Barker

  • Karen's video about Linkedin help me to get started.

    Gaby Pires

  • Karen's report 'How to use Twitter for business' is SO useful. I was very impressed with the content & format. I'd definitely keep Karen in mind and forward her report to others. Well done!

    Claire Palmer

  • Karen's marketing course is fantastic. It helps you to get really clear about what you want to achieve and then guides you through the steps you need to take to get there. As a result of the course I am just about to publish my first ebook and write my first home study course. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough.

    Annie O'Neill

  • Since working with Karen, on developing and marketing my business, I have a business plan, an in depth knowledge of my target market, and a clear focus on how it will develop. Karen is great at pushing me to do things I know I need to do but don't get on with. Great combination of training, coaching and mentorship.

    Louise Green

  • I had one short telephone consultation with Karen and the result was quite dramatic. She gave me a completely new perspective on my coaching business and how I might present and package it! Her energy and enthusiasm were catching and I am grateful for the stimulus she provided.

    Wendy Mason

  • I initially approached Karen requesting some advice on marketing myself but, instead, what I got was something much more valuable. She provided me with more insight regarding how to promote my strengths, how to document my experience and even recorded our conversation so that I can get more idea's each time I listen to it. I highly recommend her to anybody.

    Steve Adams

  • Karen is innovative and creative and really grasps how the virtual business world operates with skill and sensitivity she has brought me to discover new ways of operating and how to start to operate in the two thousand and tens? This is someone who makes a significant difference to those she works with and I have enjoyed immensely the opportunities we have had to explore what's current and important in business

    Peter Mayes, Peter Mayes Change Coach

  • Karen has taught me much about using social and business networking sites while remaining friendly and yet businesslike at all times. Her passion for her subject is unquestionable as her knowledge. if you want more clients Karen can help you get them.  

    John Durrant